Quality Organic Peruvian Guano Fertiliser


Fertilizer for organic & sustainable Farming

The proven high quality of Organic Farming in the UK and Europe has motivated us to bring to the market Peruvian Guano de las Islas ( definition: a natural 100 % Organic manure composed chiefly of the excrement of sea birds, found especially on islands near the Peruvian coast).

Peruvians large colonies of different Seabirds & Fisheries, are the main factors in the natural production and food chain united to amazing properties of the Pacific Ocean mixed with the almost 62 rivers flowing west from the Andes supply the bulk of the water to the coastal region.

And also and very important is the encounter of the Humboldt (cold water) and Niño (warm water) currents.

Very important to understand that Peruvian Island privileged to have more than 23 Islands and around 2,800 hectares of surface that will receive the seabirds to live and reproduce in a 100% Natural Reserve extremely protected by the Peruvian government.

Values & conservation

The weather conditions in the Peruvian Coastline is unique due to the Humboldt Current, also called the Peru Current, is a cold, low-salinity ocean current that flows north along the western coast of South America. It is an eastern boundary current flowing in the direction of the equator, and extends 500–1,000 km (310–620 mi) offshore.

We have joined forces with very knowledgeable and specialized UK professionals in the agriculture and horticulture fields.

We are a company specialized in the transformation keeping all the natural values to produce a superior quality Peruvian Seabird Guano fertilizer, 100% Organic presented in pellets and Organic Certified in the world and in the UK. The organic guano from Peru that we present is been utilized in the world for more 200 years.

In Peru it was well known for more than 4000 years as we know from the different cultures. We have a proven supply chain to serve even the largest organic farms. Anglo-Peruvian is the sole representative for the UK and Europe. Our relation is to be part of the producer organization. Our 100% Organic Certified Guano from Peru in pellets if by no doubts the best fertilizer in the market. Having develop the machinery to produce a very consistent pellet has taken 25 years.

Benenfits of Peruvian seabirds guano fertilizer

The Millenary utilization of this important agricultural fertilizer is been known for more than 4000 years, with the Peruvian Ancient Cultures of Ancon, Chavin and Chancay.

The Incas of Peru known for their unique and advanced agricultural skills and creativity. Very soon they understood the high value of the seabird’s guano, produced naturally from the droppings of fish-eating birds along the coast of their empire. The Guano is an excellent fertilizer that kept the soil rich and fertile.

The Seabirds are so precious that the Incas will punish severely if someone will kill a bird or take an egg.

Peruvian Guano is as 100% Organic Fertilizer uncommonly rich, with important levels of nitrogen and phosphorous that will stimulate microbial action in the soil.

The Nitrogen is present in both forms immediately available and long release forms. With available phosphorous levels that are otherwise very difficult to achieve organically.

Bird guano usually refers to the desiccated droppings of seabirds. Thanks to the fish diet of these birds, their guano is a highly effective fertilizer.