About Us

Hello, I am Carlos Founder and CEO of GUANORGANIC. Peruvian born and living in the UK for the last 20 years. Traveling by car and visiting more than 120 cities all around the UK has given me the privilege to appreciate the huge extensions of land that can provide beauty, food and pleasure to the people and animals that live here, I love it.

When decided to bring the Guano to the UK I started to talk to many farmers, gardeners, and friends, they all advise me that YES GO AHEAD bring the bird’s poo.

The history and legacy of Guano is fascinating, from around 1820 to 1880 Guano was heavily used to improve the devastated soils in the UK and Europe. Recently the BBC made a special program regarding a Barn north of England, it happens that this warehouse was the distribution centre for several thousands of tons of guano from 1830 onwards.

I love farming and gardening, my experience has been very privileged, working with very well know farmers in Peru and California, handling more than 40 different crops, from potato, cacao, coffee, maca, asparagus, berries, avocado, grapes, mango, lucuma, many different greens. etc.

GUANORGANIC is the brand we created to re-introduce after more than 140 years to the UK the unique Peruvian Seabird Guano fertilizer. It’s been considered and accredited as a Natural Organic Fertilizer too.

I am sure that on the years to come Guano from Peru will be again very popular as it will bring the joy of improving the soils from pots, allotments to big farms.