Frequently Asked

We have been doing business in the UK since 2004.

Our branded product GUANORGANIC is the result of bringing back to the UK a well-known natural organic fertilizer that was extremely useful to recover the depravation to the soils in the UK some 140 years ago.

The actual 100% organic certified guano from Peru has been produced for the last 25 years and sold in a pellet format that will be more suitable for a sustainable agronomy or horticulture.

For this Agriculture scenario we have created a new company ANGLO-PERUVIAN INDUSTRIES, in the interest to identify the company better.

Yes. Our products meet all the requirements related to the food safety rules established by the UK regulations.
Yes. GUANORGANICS is an approved product and meets the requirements for use in certified organic production Our UK Organic Certification and Accreditation can be found on the “Products” page of this website.
Seabird guano is an excellent fertilizer for all crops that need nitrogen and phosphorous. There simply is no other product on the market with higher levels of nitrogen and phosphorous.
Depending on the crops or plants, we have a large Products Literature.
No. In fact, the salt index for this type of fertilizer is relatively low (53.8), meaning sodium levels will not be an issue.