Guanorganic 1kg Pillow


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Guanorganic Pillow (1kg)

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Eco Friendly

Organic Guano Fertiliser

Our aim is to always be environmentally responsible and sustainable. Our product is 100% Certified Organic, is rich in Potassium, Nitrogen & Phosphorus (NPK 12-12-2) and contains (and provides) all the nutrients a plant needs to grow, develop, and produce good crops in quantity and quality. It will improve the quality and structure of sandy and clay soils, increases the formation of soil aggregates and is a natural 100% Organic slow-release fertiliser for plants and produce. It is heat treated at source to eliminate harmful bacteria (such as Salmonella & E. coli) and is actually beneficial to your soil bacteria! There’s no requirement for it to settle, so can be applied straight away, it is also pelletised for convenience & easy application and so is completely safe to handle! - Happy Soil - Happy Plants - Happy People!

How To Use

Easy to apply and safe to handle GUANORGANICS pellets are the perfect choice for both amateur gardeners and professionals committed to sustainable growing. Renowned for its exceptional performance and soil-enhancing qualities, Guano is a well-established ingredient in many well-known brands of fertiliser and is already supplied to large manufacturers of own-brand product in Holland, Germany, and France

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What People Say

Photo by Leio McLaren

Tahmid William

This stuff has worked wonders to the soil in my kitchen garden / allotment and I look forward to a bumper crop this year!

Connor Bulmer

This is such an interesting Product now that Peat has been phased out - it’s a perfect time to launch Guanorganic!

Fred Grosch

I had no idea of this fertiliser until seeing the stand at a Trade Show and checked it out… Sounds great! There was a big trade of Guano into the UK in the 18th Century - Welcome back Carlos!


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